Charlotte ‘Charley’ Jeffreys lives for her son, Owen.  Her husband, Kyle prefers drinking, gambling, and abusing his wife.  When Kyle threatens Owen, Charley finds the courage to get out.  Together they flee to her grandfather’s farm where they can be safe.

But the idyllic country life they hoped for is not to be.  Charley gets a glimpse of the darker side of her grandfather when he greets them with a loaded shotgun. She soon learns that his past deeds have set the small community against him, and his enemies now have her and her son in their sights.  Owen is bullied; Charley is assaulted.  When her grandfather dies, Charley is accused of his murder.  With nowhere to go, Charley must learn to fight back to protect both herself and her son.

And just when everything seems to be finally falling her way, her ex tracks her down, determined  to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget.

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